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Synchotron & Research Grade Mirrors

Synchrotron & Research Grade Mirrors

As the original provider of superpolished optical components, G&H have been producing superpolished surfaces for over 40 years. Our proprietary process serves high volume production requirements as well as small volume, specialized applications.
Superpolished substrates feature surface roughness lower than 1 Å, scratch/dig < 5/2, and inspection criteria of up to 320x magnification. The results are low scattering losses and significantly fewer defects. Substrates demonstrate an impressive 1/20th wave or better surface accuracy.
Our custom optics have enabled scientists to achieve prize-winning results in LIGO, NASA's Mars Curiosity Sky Crane, and in synchrotron facilities around the world.

Synchrotron Mirrors

Synchrotron sources generate extremely high heat load densities on front end optics, requiring sophisticated cooling and reflection geometries. Monocrystalline silicon with its high heat load capacity is the preferred material choice for front end systems.
Small grazing incident angles, in turn, generate a requirement of a 4:1 or 20:1 length-to-width ratios. As a consequence, the geometries and materials are very different from conventional optical components. Conventional polishing techniques can cause rounding on corners of rectangular shaped optics; therefore, specialized fabrication and polishing techniques have been developed to maintain flatness across the entire rectangular surface.

Research Grade Mirrors

Research grade mirrors are highly specified, superpolished substrates with high energy coatings. These may be used as back end optics in synchrotron or in other highly demanding research applications where accuracy is required.

Acid-etched Bevels

Most of our synchrotron optics and research grade flats are supplied with polished or acid-etched diameters and bevels. These extra touches add to the level of cleanliness and durability that can be achieved.
To complement our superpolished surfaces, we offer ion beam sputtered (IBS) coatings which provide very low levels of total loss (absorption and scatter) and exceptional environmental stability.


DUV experiments, high-energy applications, interferometry, laser & X-ray research,  reference standards, synchrotron mirrors, ultra fast laser systems.
SpecificationsSynchrotron MirrorsResearch Grade Flats & Mirrors
Substrate materialSiliconFusedsilica,silicon carbide,Zerodur®
Coating wavelength ranges355 nm – 3.2?m355 nm – 3.2?m
Sizes2 mm - 500 mm1mm - 500 mm
High surface quality< 5-2 scratch/dig, < 1Åsurface roughness< 5-2 scratch/dig, < 1Åsurface roughness
WavefrontdistortionUp to1/50th wave @ 633 nmUp to1/50thwave @ 633 nm
Dimensional toleranceSub-micronSub-micron
Angular tolerances< 1 Arc second< 1 Arc second
Clear aperture dimensionsUp to 500 mmUp to 500 mm
MountedorunmountedOptically contacted, bonded, adhesive-free, customer specifiedOptically contacted, bonded, adhesive-free, customer specified
Slope error<0.5?Rad<0.5?Rad
State-of-the-art metrology ensures customers receive the highest quality product. G&H has earned ISO9001 and AS9100C certifications.