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Ring Laser Gyroscope Components

Ring Laser Gyroscope Components

Ring laser gyroscopes from G&H are deployed in commercial aircraft, missiles, satellites, and other military vehicles. Vertical integration enables us to supply the entire ring laser gyroscope package: RLG frame and optical components. Our integration of capabilities delivers superior performance and streamlines sourcing.

There are many components within the ring laser gryoscope (RLG) – each performs unique functions and is optimized accordingly.

The Zerodur® frame must deliver maximal stability over a large range of operating environments (namely, temperature, humidity, and environmental composition). We have 40 years of experience producing high-quality, consistent, Zerodur® frames.
Ring Laser Gyroscope Components
Flat, wedged, and curved mirrors used in RLGs are superpolished with surface roughness better than 1 Å RMS with high-reflectivity low-loss IBS coatings designed to survive extreme environmental conditions.

Precision beam splitters, prisms, and wedges complete the assembly.

Extensive metrology capabilities are critical to the abilities of G&H to meet and exceed difficult specifications.

  • Zygo® ZeMapper™ for surface roughness and structure <1 Å
  • OGP® CMM for geometrical tolerances down to sub-micron features
  • 18” Zygo® Interferometer measures flatness up to 1/50th wave


GPS, hyperspectral imaging, infrared microscopy, laser scanning microscopy, metrology, optical failure analysis for semiconductor processing, range finding, reconnaissance, surveillance, target identification, targeting and designating, thermal imaging.

SpecificationsZerodur® FramesRLG MirrorsRLG Beam combinersRLG Prisms & Wedges
Substrate materialsZerodur®Fused Silica,Zerodur®,Fused SilicaFused Silica
Sizes1 mm - 500 mm1 mm - 500 mm1 mm - 500 mm1 mm - 500 mm
Surface roughness< 1Å< 1Å< 1Å< 1Å
Wavefront distortion1/50thwave at 633 nm1/50thwave at 633 nm1/50thwave at 633 nm1/50thwave at 633 nm
Dimensional toleranceSub-micronSub-micronSub-micronSub-micron
Angular tolerances< 1 Arc second< 1 Arc second< 1 Arc second< 1 Arc second
Clear aperture dimensionsUp to 500 mmUp to 500 mmUp to 500 mmUp to 500 mm

Actual specifications are dependent upon design, geometry, and material choices.

G&H facilities are certified to ISO9001 and AS9100: 2009 Rev.C. ITAR designs are available. (ITAR controlled facility).