Precision Optics

G&H manufactures precision optical components and assemblies for applications in research, industry and defense. Our products for laser cavity and beam conditioning include active and passive components as well as nonlinear crystals. Our custom lenses and housed subassemblies find application in transmission and imaging. Much of our business involves creating high quality, custom optics for volume OEM applications and unique optics for research. Our ring laser gyro mirrors are used by every commercial airline in the world. We have provided 0.5x0.5 m KDP waveplates into national ignition facilities. From components to modules, the deep vertical integration of our supply chain allows us to maintain control over design, materials and processes, while ensuring quality and security of supply.
We manufacture optical components in a wide variety of materials. We offer precision optical finishes on engineered parts, including crystals. Our in-house coating capability delivers high quality AR, HR, broadband and narrowband coatings. Hy-Per Bond™, our adhesive-free bonding process, creates strong, environmentally stable joints with zero outgassing. Our knowledge of optical and mechanical properties of materials combined with the ability to handle all aspects of component manufacture within a single company ensures the highest quality product, from a lens to a complex, multi-faceted CNC machined glass part. All precision optics sites are ISO9001 compliant. We support our customers in the defense, aerospace, industrial, and life sciences sectors through:
  • compliance with international export regulations
  • quality accreditations
  • commitment to continuous improvement
  • maximum security of supply
  • adherence to demanding technical specifications
  • low cost sourcing for uncontrolled components

Laser Cavity and Beam Conditioning

Laser Cavity Beam Conditioning G&H manufactures optical components used within laser cavities and for external beam shaping. We customize and optimize these components for each customer’s individual application.
  • Corner cubes, prisms, alignment wedges
  • Waveplates, retarders, depolarizers
  • Mirrors, output couplers, calibrated leaky mirrors, attenuating filters
  • Acousto-optic and electro-optic components
  • Laser rods, frequency multiplying crystals
Low power continuous wave (CW) laser systems achieve maximum performance when designed using optics exhibiting extremely low scatter and absorption. These systems benefit from superpolishing techniques and Ion Beam Sputtered (IBS) coatings. High laser power industrial and defense systems require high laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) performance for nanosecond pulses; they may also require bandpass, band blocking, and polarizing functions across wide environmental conditions. Our custom dielectric coatings can meet these needs. Our technical team of engineers and optical designers are here to advise our customers in achieving the best compromise between performance and cost.

Transmission & Imaging

Transmission and imaging is a broad field involving the use of precision optical components, mounted optics, sub-assemblies and integrated modules. It may involve UV, visible, SWIR (short-wave infrared), MWIR (mid-wave infrared), or LWIR (long-wave infrared) light. Transmission ImagingTransmission Imaging Lenses are crucial to the performance of transmission and imaging systems. G&H has developed considerable expertise and manufacturing capabilities in precision lens manufacturing. Our aspheric lenses are used to reduce the lens count in multi-lens arrays, offering weight and cost savings. We use single point diamond turning to create long-wavelength, large diameter diffractive aspheric lenses with high optical performance and reduced weight.
  • Spherical, aspheric, and single point diamond turned lenses
  • Magneto-rheological finishing (MRF®) linked to sub-aperture stitching (SSI) interferometery
  • Optical coatings from deep UV, through visible and IR, to LWIR
  • Doublets, triplets, housed subassemblies
  • Advanced optical metrology
Our dedicated optical and mechanical engineers use powerful design tools to create custom individual components. Optical modules are assembled in controlled cleanrooms direct from the component manufacturing floor. Our vertically integrated supply chain enables us to create lens subassemblies and modules with less risk of damage and contamination while retaining complete control over our supply chain.

Research Grade Mirrors & Substrates

We have developed superpolishing capabilities when combined with robust Ion Beam Sputtered (IBS) coatings create high surface figure and surface quality mirrors:
  • Laser cavity and beam routing mirrors – high LDT coatings, enhanced metal coatings
  • Synchrotron mirrors – low scatter, high surface figure, high surface quality
  • Silicon carbide (SiC) mirrors – low mass, thermally stable mirrors for aerospace applications
  • Ring laser gyro mirrors (RLGs), frames, and diaphragms – for navigation and guidance systems in aerospace and defense

Precision Prisms

Prisms for a variety of applications such as broadband imaging systems.

Corner Cubes

High laser damage threshold corner cubes used in laser rangefinders

Precision Lenses

Custom lenses are a key component for many transmission and imaging applications

Opto-Mechanical Assemblies

Integrated optics and electronics, build-to-print designs, and optical modules

Precision Mirrors

High energy precision mirrors for laser cavities and demanding applications.

Synchrotron and Research Grade Mirrors

Superpolished optical components to serve high and low volume requirements

Plate and Cube Beamsplitters

Beamsplitter designs demonstrate superior laser damage performance.

Optical Windows and Flats

High performance optical windows and flats across a wide range of applications.


Waveplates used in the cutting edge of research for the NIF project.

Superpolished SROC

High quality superpolished short radius of curvature optics 

Ring Laser Gyroscope Components

Ring laser gyroscopes deployed in commercial aircraft, missiles and satellites

Infrared Optics

Highly integrated, superior performing, infrared optical components

Optical Domes

High numerical aperture (NA) optical domes produced using precision tooling.