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G&H micro-optic fiber optic attenuatorMicro-Optic Components

G&H offers a wide range of fiber-coupled micro-optic components that enable the control and manipulation of light. Our micro-optics control the state of polarization, light direction and optical power level. G&H produces micro-optics for operating wavelengths in the range 770 nm to 2000 nm and operating powers of up to 20 W. This wide range of wavelengths and optical powers makes them ideal for use in fiber amplifiers, fiber lasers, telecommunications equipment and fiber based sensor and instrumentation equipment.

Our fiber-coupled micro optic component portfolio comprises fiber optic circulators, fiber optic/optical isolators, in-line fiber polarizers (ILP), VOAS (manual), fiber collimators and optical power monitors.

Fiber Optic/Optical Isolators

Optical Isolators only allow the transmission of light in one direction. They are typically used to prevent unwanted back reflections and to stop scattered light from reaching sensitive components, particularly lasers.

G&H offers a complete line of high quality single mode (SM) and polarization maintaining (PM) fiber coupled optical isolators. Our polarization dependent and polarization insensitive Isolators are available in both low and high power options with a variety of mechanical packaging and connector options. G&H provides fiber optical isolators that operate over wavelength ranges in near infrared (NIR), IR and broadband, spectral ranges from 770-2000 nm.

Optical isolators are used in many industrial, defense and scientific applications. They are used in conjunction with fiber amplifiers, fiber lasers, optical module interfaces, fiber optic links in CATV applications and fiber optic communication systems

Fiber Optic Circulators

Optical circulators can be used to route light depending upon the direction in which it is travelling on a single optical fiber. Light travelling in opposite directions is separated on to different fiber. A fiber optic circulator is a three-port device that allows light to travel in only one direction from port 1 to port 2, then from port 2 to port 3. Fiber Circulators are known for their reliability in increasing transmission capacity of existing networks. The high isolation and low insertion loss of optical circulators makes them ideal for advanced communication systems. The applications for optical circulators are expanding rapidly from communication systems to medical and imaging fields such as OCT applications.

We manufacture a selection of highly reliable fiber optic, singlemode (SM) and polarization maintaining (PM) circulators with short wavelength and high power options suitable for your application.

High power and short wavelength PM circulators are offered in three and four port configurations, at 780, 810, 850, 980, 1030, 1064 nm, and with high power package options. G&H also supplies a three port high power PM circulator that operates at 2000 nm.

In-Line Fiber Polarizers (ILP)

Our fiber pigtailed in-line polarizers(ILP) are designed for fiber optic networks and measurement applications, which include polarization analysis, polarization monitoring and control, signal to noise ratio (SNR) monitoring, polarization mode dispersion (PMD) monitoring, spectrum filtering and control, polarization extinction ratio(PER) improvement, fiber laser mode-locking and polarization interferometry. These compact devices offer low insertion loss, low back reflection and high extinction ratio and are available in both single mode and polarization maintaining fiber types.

Operating Wavelengths include 630, 850, 980, 1064, 1310, 1550 and 2000 nm. Bandwidth ranges from±20 to±50nm. Available single mode and PM fiber connector options are ST, FC, SC, LC, FC/APC, SC/APC and LC/APC

Other include Micro Optic components VOAs (manual), fiber collimators and optical power monitors

Applications of Fiber-Coupled Acousto-Optic Modulators

Industrial lasers, telecommunications, sensing, scientific research, quantum technology

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