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Fiber Optic Assemblies

G&H designs and manufactures custom modules - fiber assemblies of passive and/or active optical components integrated to provide higher functionality in a compact footprint. Customers sourcing fiber optic assemblies stay focused on their core competence while reducing time to market and development costs. Our in-depth understanding of optical component performance, combined with the use of low loss G&H products, ensures optimized designs. Advanced assembly techniques such as ribbon splicing and fiber recoating are used to provide robustness, reduce form factors, and minimize manufacturing costs.

At G&H, we take a custom module designs from specification all the way through to a manufactured product. We are expert in mechanical design for optics, fiber optics, and fiber assemblies. Our fiber assemblies include pigtailed lasers, spectrometers, optical delay lines, telescopes, and fiber collimators. The most complex assemblies can include bulk optics, fiber optics, motion control, and electronics.

We optimize fiber assemblies for minimum temperature dependence and maximum reliability by performing finite element stress and strain analysis in 3D solid modelling software. Our optical modelling tools enable us to design and analyze complex optical trains. We also employ optical modeling for fiber lasers and fiber amplifiers. Detailed component knowledge allows us to specify the best set of products for a given application, balancing key drivers like cost, reliability, and performance.

Our team of electronic engineers are able to design power, control, and monitoring circuits as required, drawing on proprietary knowledge of the design of drivers for our own in-house components. Our laser driver circuits add negligible noise, minimizing diode limited phase noise (laser linewidth) and intensity noise (RIN). Our flexible RF driver designs facilitate optimization of acousto-optic modulator performance.

G&H has facilities dedicated to the production of optics, fiber optics, and assemblies of these components. All fiber assemblies are produced using state-of-the-art equipment in clean environments meeting up to Class 10,000 rating, as needed. Optics exposed to high power lasers must be kept free from all sources of contamination, as must equipment used in wafer fabrication. Our production facilities are equipped with the state-of-the-art equipment, from splicing machines to advanced test equipment. We have in-house facilities for reliability testing, including thermal cycling chambers, high power lasers, and shock and vibration testing equipment.

Our experienced production staff brings decades of knowledge and experience in the build of complex optical and fiber optic assemblies to your product. We are expert in working with fibers, fiber components, and optical components. We have developed techniques specifically for mounting fiber optic components and routing fibers in a robust and reliable way while maintaining optimum optical performance.

We have designed custom fiber modules for use in interferometers for Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) in retinal scanning systems. Our fiber assemblies are also used in passively mode locked, picosecond fiber lasers where the optical path is made solely of polarization maintain fiber. Other applications include optical fiber LIDAR for the protection of linear assets (pipelines, railway lines, security fences etc.) and optical branching networks for telecommunication systems.

Custom fiber optic assemblies, as integrated by G&H, offer more value than the components alone. Our state of the art manufacturing facilities, production equipment, experienced staff, and advanced assembly techniques are all resources available to help to reduce production costs, investment costs, and time to market.

We implement custom module designs on either a build-to-specification or build-to-print basis. The products listed in the table below illustrate examples of fiber optic modules. Our product managers and sales engineers routinely work with customers, applying our expertise to customize products or build to customers’ own designs. Contact us to discuss the specific requirements of your application.

Applications of fiber optic assemblies

Biomedical instrumentation, fiber laser systems, interferometry, LIDAR, medical diagnostics, optical branching networks, optical coherence tomography (OCT), retinal scanning systems, sensing, spectroscopy, telecommunications.

ProductDescriptionKey Feature