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Diode pump laser

Fiber-Coupled Pump Lasers (SM and MM Pumps)

G&H’s line of high power diode lasers feature ruggedized, epoxy-free designs intended for use in a wide range of harsh, long-life environments. Cooled and uncooled options are available to meet the most demanding diode laser applications. 

Single-mode (SM) pump lasers emit low noise, precisely controlled level of light at a specific wavelength out of a small-core fiber. We offer FBG (fiber Bragg grating) stabilized lasers with up to 700 mW rated output power in the 974-981 nm range, as well as PM fiber-coupled lasers. 

Our multi-mode (MM) pump lasers offer up to 7 W output power in the 808-975 nm range, typically in a 14-pin package. We also support 2-pin, 3-pin, 8-pin, and other package sizes upon request.

Single-mode Pump Lasers

SM pumps (often referred to as Fabry-Perot lasers) require the alignment of a 125 μm fiber with an 8 μm core to a similarly small laser emitter. This micro-alignment must stay true and stable throughout wide temperature ranges and high shock/vibration environments. G&H meets the challenge with a series of cooled and uncooled diode laser products ruggedized and tested to Telcordia standards to meet the needs of demanding industrial, military, and space environments. 

SM pumps are most commonly used for EDFA (erbium doped fiber amplifier) and fiber laser pumping applications. By selecting and stabilizing the wavelength closely to the doped absorption peak, the pump enables the maximum efficiency and light output from the system. 

PM Fiber-Coupled Pump Lasers

G&H’s low noise design enables superior PM (polarization maintaining) combining to attain higher power levels. 

G&H offers PM fiber-coupled lasers at standard wavelength options of 974 nm, 976 nm, and 980 nm. Additional diode laser wavelengths are available at 975 nm, 978 nm, and 981 nm upon request, as well as other wavelengths. We tailor our product options to meet each customer’s unique needs, and can provide the technical support to identify or design the best solution for the application. [

Multi-mode Pump Lasers

Typically used for Erbium and Ytterbium fiber amplifiers (EDFA and YDFAs), multi-mode lasers offer a large amount of power out of a large core fiber for pumping of the doped fiber gain medium in order to amplify the signal. Other applications of MM pump lasers benefit from fiber-coupled, wavelength-specific light being delivered directly to the work piece. 

G&H offers a variety of options to meet customer needs. Cooled options allow for wavelength tuning of the output for even greater wavelength control of the laser while uncooled options allow for higher power output since the heat is conducted directly to the mounting surface. 

Cooled vs Uncooled Pump Lasers

Cooled pump lasers allow for higher optical power operation levels from a single device. By maximizing the thermal conductivity, units can be operated safely at high levels and across wide temperature ranges throughout the lifetime of the diode laser. Strong thermal components are selected to optimize our designs. Users operating at or near room temperature will experience lower thermoelectric cooler (TEC) current consumption levels than are needed for high or low temperature operation.

Uncooled devices are designed to ensure high reliable operation across wide temperature and environmental conditions. An uncooled device will have more variability in the chip temperature operation, so users should select a device that will maintain highly stable output. G&H has designed uncooled laser diode modules to main power and wavelength stability throughout wide temperature extremes. 

Designs for Aerospace

A variety of low size, weight, and power custom designs can be employed to meet demanding aerospace and space mission applications. We also offer design and qualification services to ensure high reliability and long life under launch conditions for space mission applications.

Applications of Fiber-Coupled Pump Lasers

EDFA pumping, EDYA pumping, fiber lasers, fiber optic gyroscopes, life sciences, inspection, marking, aerospace

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