G&H has been a leader in acousto-optic (AO) device design and manufacturing for over 35 years, bringing together some of the best minds and technologies in the field to create a comprehensive line of high-quality products backed by premier service and reliability. We hold our multiple worldwide manufacturing sites to exacting standards, from the in-house growth of our own tellurium dioxide (TeO2) to polishing, antireflection coating, fabrication and testing of devices. The result is unmatched optical power handling, and optical performance delivered consistently over time and in volume.
Every acousto-optic device is affected by trade-offs between speed, aperture size, power handling, and durability. While we cannot change the laws of physics, we can help to find the optimum balance between competing performance parameters. Considering the more subtle aspects of each customer’s specific application, we work to identify the ideal device and RF driver.

Innovative acousto-optic device designs

Innovative acousto-optic device designs stretch minimize undesirable effects of crosstalk, light leakage, and beam distortion. Our Fiber-Q® line of fiber-coupled acousto-optic modulators received the prestigious Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation in 2016 and the Institute of Physics (IOP) Award for Innovation in 2014. While our multi-channel modulators lead the industry with up to 48 channels of independent and simultaneous modulation.

Maximize performance

We design our RF drivers with state-of-the-art voltage control oscillators (VCOs) and direct digital synthesizers (DDSs). This temporal control and synchronization maximize the performance of our AO devices for a wide variety of applications.

Standard acousto-optic devices, custom one-off or volume OEM solutions

Whether we are matching a customer’s application to one of our many standard acousto-optic devices and drivers or creating a custom one-off or volume OEM solution, we are committed to providing responsive service. Our support team strives to respond quickly to our customers, solve problems efficiently and effectively, and deliver product that exceeds expectations for performance, reliability and consistency.

Space qualified

Many of our photonic solutions are qualified for space or are currently deployed. We understand how to develop, design, and manufacture for extremes of temperatures, radiation, shock, and vibration. We perform extensive qualification testing during engineering builds and flight hardware qualification.

ITAR compliant

We have extensive capabilities and experience supporting and managing the unique needs of government sponsored development programs. US customers can work with and source directly from a US-based supplier who can leverage capabilities and products across all worldwide divisions of G&H.

From prototypes to full-scale production

At G&H, we have the ability to produce single prototypes and the manufacturing capacity to make fiber optic components, assemblies and modules by the thousands. We can support your needs from commercial off-the-shelf products to customized complex solutions to meet your most demanding fiber optic requirements.

Acousto-Optic Modulators (AOM)

Allow the intensity of light to be controlled and modulated

Fiber-Q - Fiber Coupled Modulators

Fiber-Q series of industry-leading low-loss fiber-coupled AO modulators

Deflectors (AODF)

Highly accurate efficiency beam deflection for high speed scanning applications

Frequency Shifters (AOFS)

Light is Doppler shifted by the center RF frequency of the device.

Mode Lockers (AOML)

Standing wave AO devices for generating mode locked laser pulse widths.

Multi-Channel Modulators (AOMC)

Allow independent modulation of multiple beams or a sheet of collimated light.

Pulse Pickers, Cavity Dumpers

Modulators ideal for separating pulses internally or externally to laser cavity.

Q-Switches (AOQS)

High power, low loss units lowering the cavity Q-factor and holding off lasing.

Tunable Filters (AOTF)

Select specific wavelengths broadband or multi-line light sources

RF Driver

RF Drivers

Electronic controllers specifically designed for acousto-optic devices.