Product Development

Product Development

G&H is renowned for supplying high volume commercial photonics products and manufacturing solutions to customers around the world, including Precision Optics, Crystal Optics, Acousto-Optics, Electro-Optics, and Fiber Optics.

Our true capability, however, lies in cutting-edge product development – delivering custom versions of products specifically engineered for each individual, high volume customer.

Our product development lifecycle has been refined over 40 years, taking your idea from concept generation to full scale manufacturing and aftersales support. So, if you require out-sourced custom-designed manufacturing products, G&H is your perfect partner.


G&H is not just a supplier – we are a long-term partner. It is only by working in close collaboration with you, that we can understand your true requirements and deliver the optimal solution.

This is why we hold regular meetings and penetrating reviews with each customer, which we believe is pivotal to the process. When you partner with G&H, we will conduct critical reviews to identify and eradicate all issues and risks, then define and implement the right action plans for success and efficient product development.


Application-specific engineering is fundamental to the G&H product development process. 

Defining a clear application focus is essential in developing successful new products. We work with you, in order to quickly and accurately determine your real product requirements, levels of performance, reliability and costs. Your feedback is critical at every stage, to ensure that we apply our engineering and manufacturing expertise to develop the right product for you and build a critical supply partnership.


With 40 years’ experience, we know what will work, what won’t and what requires fine tuning. Our team’s expertise and specialist know-how gives the product development process structure, efficiency and speed. Common product development activities include concept generation; system requirements specification (SRS); system concept design architecture (SCDA), CAD modelling and proof of principle (POP) prototypes; risk analysis and regulatory compliance; and draft cost models.

We work with each customer on an individual basis, and will comply with a customer’s own new product development process or format if it is available. However, for customers who do not have their own, we strongly recommend following G&H’s own stage-gate process.

Our stage-gate process comprises a series of management checkpoints where the rational and quality of execution is continually reviewed. It defines the requirements for a complete new product launch as a series of gate reviews, which check that the deliverables required during each stage of development have all been completed, and that progress to date is appropriate to pass to the next stage.

This allows for a common focus and prioritization of steps, leaving you secure in the knowledge that your product development is in safe, and experienced, hands.


As a high volume commercial supplier, we are fully aware that differentiation in cost as well as performance is required for a truly successful product.

For every new product development project, G&H takes responsibility for achieving the initial target cost, as well as creating a detailed plan for ongoing cost reduction.


We strongly believe that leading the way in best design at low cost, coupled with our vertical manufacturing base, is what allows G&H to continually be a high value provider to customers.

Our unrivalled expertise, world class breadth of product selection and first class customer satisfaction is what really sets us apart.