To deliver high quality components and systems, it is critical to accurately measure and test processed optical components with high precision and accuracy.

At G&H, we have invested in world class measurement equipment to ensure the parts our customers receive meet the most exacting of specifications.

Metrology Instrument / SystemCapabilities
6” GPI™ LC interferometer
  • Visual fringe analysis of flat or spherical surfaces
  • Transmitted wavefront measurement, OD? 4”
NewView™ 5000 white light interferometer
  • Fast, non-contact, high-precision 3D metrology of surface features
QED SSI stitching interferometer
  • Measures aspheric optics up to 1000 ? from best fit sphere
  • Measures components with NA up to 1 (full hemispheres)
  • Measures plano, convex, or concave surfaces, OD?200 mm
Form Talysurf® PGI 1240 and 1250
  • Measures dimension, form, and texture on curved surfaces
Nikon 6D Autocollimator
  • Prism angle measurement
PrismMaster goniometer®
  • Prism angle measurement
  • Centration measurement and alignment
Computer generated holograms (CGH)
  • 3D full aperture testing in conjunction with an interferometer
  • Can create virtually any wavefront shape
Laser centration systems
  • Used for aberration-corrected lens assemblies
  • Enables mechanical re-balancing and pusher cell technology to optimize lens systems
Coordinate measuring machines (CMM)
  • Used for aberration-corrected lens assemblies
  • Measures microscope objectives and complex lenses in 3D

ZYGO® is a registered trademark of the Zygo Corporation
GPI™ and NewView™ are trademarks of the Zygo Corporation
Talysurf® is a registered trademark of Taylor Hobson
PrismMaster® and Opticentric® are registered trademarks of Trioptics

For more information on our optical metrology capabilities, please contact us.