Photonics Business Capabilities

Experts in the science behind photonics technology, its application and commercial development. Enabling photonic technologies is not just what we do, it is who we are.

Founded in 1948, G&H is a leading manufacturer and supplier of photonic components, modules, systems, and related electronic devices for a broad range of markets and applications. Our mission is to be the global leader in the design and delivery of market leading solutions that provide reliable value to all of our customers.


G&H is:

  • A world-leader
  • Innovative and reliable
  • Proven and trusted
  • Able to offer unrivalled expertise and experience
  • At the forefront of cutting-edge technologies
  • Able to provide world class products, systems, service and after care


Renowned as a supplier of high performance optical components, we invest heavily in our people, processes and vertical engineering capabilities. 

We currently employ over 900 people in our 11 factories (four in the UK, six in the US and one in China), and we have a dedicated team of more than 100 engineers devoted to the development of our photonics products and manufacturing solutions.

Experts in the fields of crystal growth, optical polishing and coatings, crystal bonding, fiber handling, micro-assembly, optical testing and systems integration, our teams develop a wide range of photonics products which include:

Through our worldwide network of technical excellence and development centers, our wealth of knowledge, expertise, skill and passion allows us to work collaboratively with all our customers across the globe, delivering first class solutions that are often unavailable anywhere else.


Our products, components, systems and subsystems, are used extensively across a broad spectrum of applications:

  • Life sciences and Biophotonics
    Our products are used extensively within life sciences and biophotonics systems for in vivo imaging. In optical coherence tomography (OCT) our technology is critical to effective ophthalmological and cardiological imaging for diagnostic and surgical applications. In confocal microscopy systems, our acousto-optical products ensure optimal imaging. In laser eye surgery our acousto-optical components enable the required ultra-precise pulse control.
  • Aerospace and Defense
    G&H engineering ensures the optimal performance of photonics based defense systems in harsh environments. Applications include direct energy weapons (DEW), imaging across the infrared, navigation systems, optical countermeasures, rangefinding and target designation, sensing and space communications around the globe.
  • Industrial and Telecom
    Customers rely on G&H technology and knowhow to give optimal performance and competitive advantage in a range of market sectors and applications. These include industrial laser systems used extensively for materials processing, particularly microelectronics and semiconductors, 3D imaging, lidar, nuclear fusion research, precision measurement, sensing, subsea comms and vibrometers.


We provide a wide variety of standard products to customers where required, but our true passion and capability lies with customized products and systems solutions.

We listen to our customers to understand and deliver maximum benefits and strengthen their competitive advantage. Our technical, manufacturing, logistics and quality teams work directly with your teams to deliver tailored, innovative solutions that meet your specific requirements.


In such a dynamic and ever-changing industry, it is a necessity for G&H to actively advance technology, and we achieve this by investing in cutting-edge R&D work and working collaboratively with industry and government partners.

G&H is engaged in funded research projects to further push the boundaries of current technology capabilities. In addition, we are proud to be the primary supplier of second and third harmonic generation crystals for fusion energy research both in the US, at the National Ignition Facility (NIF), and in Europe, with the French Laser Megajoule (LMJ) project.

These pioneering projects showcase our multi-decade commitment to developing the very best technical products which find their way into every aspect of our daily lives.

At G&H, enabling photonic technologies is not just what we do, it is who we are.