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Throughout the web development industry the term "scripting" has often been used to describe a number of specific skills. As a broad description scripting can refer to the creating of a web page through the writing of code. Even that definition can begin to blur upon the borders of programming.

G&H has the knowledge and experience to combine several scripting languages to create a seemless functional product. In today's advancing online environment, web sites created exclusively in HTML are obsolete and likely inefficient.

In developing complex graphical elements or streamlined layouts it is essential to use the right scripting techniques to ensure visual impact, functionality, scalability, and useability.

Below are some examples of our development expertise.

Profit Techniques
This website was created to be out of the box. To have a very artistic feel, different from the normal corporate website. The site is rich with graphics and flash files.

This website incorporates flash files inserted within html pages. The site also utilizes a database to retrieve the text for the pages. The text is updated from an administrative page, alleviating the need of a html editor to update the text.

This website was created to have a very clean and corporate feel.

This website utilizes a database and templates to allow users to create websites for schools. The websites are dynamically created from the database, and users are able to update and change the look and information on their pages through an administrative section.

High Tech Site
This was a graphic intensive website created for a communications company.

Information Portal
This design as based upon portal layout with information links and datafeeds.

This website was created to be a clean, simple display of corporate information.

This website was created to display a warm and inviting family atmosphere. Warm colors and photographs were used.

United Modular
This website incorporated an administrative section for content updates. The 3D design was custom designed to portray a realistic visual concept for their models.

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G&H begins development of its new Multimedia Product Brochure.

It will be used as a marketing tool for customers, clients, vendors, and investment associates.

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