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Revium Media

What is Revium?

In recent years multimedia has exploded as one of the premiere ways of displaying content on the web. Because of this phenomenon, thousands of companies have sprung up that claim to provide these services. It became obvious that there are really only a handful of companies worldwide that produce media at a whole new level. We concluded that "multimedia" is too broad of a term, as clients cannot differentiate the terminology between amateur Flash development and true elite level media creation. So emerged REVIUM as the ultimate standard in media.

REVIUM is not just industry leading, it is industry setting. Complete Environment Development that encompasses custom 3D graphics and design, impact text effects, cutting-edge interactivity, and custom sound. It isn't a company nor is it a specific technique used to create Flash content. REVIUM is the essence of true Internet Artists. You can't explain what REVIUM is, you can only feel it. It is the ELEMENT that is making up the new era of media.

Name: Revium
Symbol: Rvm
Atomic Number: 130
Atomic Weight: [352]
Group Name: Medioids
Period in Periodic Table: 8
Block in Periodic Table: F-Block
Electronic Config: [Uuo] 8s2 6d10

Soon you will see the POWER of REVIUM!!!

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