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Graphic Design

Print Layouts / Logo Creation

There are many companies that do layouts for brochures, postcards, and business cards, however most of these tend to look the same. It has become increasingly hard to find a company that can produce designs to make you stand out. Lets face it, if you don't diferentiate yourself from your competitors and make a visual impact, your marketing material will just be another piece of paper in the trash.

You may have a wonderful product and/or service, but people will never know unless the design layout makes them WANT to read your marketing material.

:Likewise, a logo for your company, organization, or product is one of the single more important development pieces you can have. It must be innovative and definable yet easy to mass produce on business cards, letterheads, posters, brocures and any other print media.

G&H designers take all medium into account in our logo creation. Not only do we think of how you are going to use your logo in everyday business practices, but also how we can animate it for an "IMPACT EFFECT" online.

Below are some examples of our Print Designing.

Brochure Front Cover

Brochure Back Cover

Color Logo

Black/White Logo

Postcard Front

Postcard Back

Color Logo

Postcard Front

Brochure Pages

Other Graphic Design Work:


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Product Updates

G&H begins development of its new Multimedia Product Brochure.

It will be used as a marketing tool for customers, clients, vendors, and investment associates.

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