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In recent years, a common paradigm in the investment landscape has been to chose a company that has the potential of capturing and maximizing marketshare within a given industry. This is a valid criteria of course however, in the midst of the Internet Craze, rarely did anyone ask the questions that needed to be asked.

  • What is the marketcap of the industry?
  • Who are the major competitors and what impact does the competition have on the bottom line?
  • What is the core competency of the business and the fundamental focus?
  • What are the resources needed to reach profitability? How long will it take? Are these projections realistic within the growth or decline of consumer demand?
  • What are the "deal breakers" of the business model that would cause it to fail?
  • Is there an infrastructure plan and how long will it take to implement?
  • Is a "one time" investment needed to just get "up and running" or is the success of the plan also dependant on additional funding to keep it afloat?
  • Is the plan based on a real demand or a created one?

There are many more questions that need to be asked of any business venture. The companies that have objectively researched these important issues and have created realistic strategic plans are those that will have the greatest chance at success.

What about vision? This is vital to all businesses and rarely do the founders of a company lack some sort of vision. The real question is, "Is the vision realistic within the constraints of the market?" Everyone can dream. Some can get others to see that dream. Even fewer have the ability to turn that dream into reality.

Many entrepenuers fail to realize that investors don't want to just put their money into a dream, they want to put their money into something what will make them more money! Investing in a company is a calculated risk. It is an investment in a leader, a team, a vision, and a plan. They are counting on that company being able to control that destiny enough to realize their goals.

Sometimes the best business plans are the ones that aren't trying to just "sell the sizzle". Though technology breakthroughs can be profitable, they are also very costly, time intensive, and high risk. In today's economy, there is a lot of money that can be made with a solid business plan based on proven product demand and strategic marketing strategies.

G&H Internet Consulting has spent the past four years studying the economy and industry trends. We knew that the first wave of Internet and technology based companies were going to crumple under the weight of its own hype. It happened. We also know that there will be a second wave of successful companies that will span the next decade. It will be built by companies with strong management, unwaivering resolve, and piercing marketing strategies.

The Time is at Hand! The Iron is Hot! It is Time to Strike!

G&H Internet Consulting is ready!

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