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Flash Integration

For those that are unaware of what Flash is, it is a software program created by Macromedia Inc. to develop multimedia animations environments. Those the program is designed to be used for web development, it has also been used for offline media such as demo or training CDs. Like the complexities of web development itself, Flash development required many levels of talent and a vast knowledge base to be used to its fullest capacity.

Those that develop Flash content may have a wide range of talent and level of quality. I'm sure you have come across people that go take one HTML class or read a manual and suddenly claim to be web developers. The same situation occurs in multimedia as many people go through a couple tutorials in Flash and claim to be multimedia specialists. It is important that you find a company who really knows what they are doing to give your website the type of eye-catching, dynamic content that you are looking for.

This is especially the case with the newest release of Flash MX. It is now possible to use Flash as a complete online development studio while not only providing amazing visual effects but also using embedded scripting functions to tie into databases, dynamic content, imported quicktime movies, custom sound, and many others.

Just a few of the specialized techniques we use are:

  • Nested Animations and Functions
  • Infinity Loops
  • Layered Bitmap Sequencing
  • Quicktime Integration
  • Generated Content
  • 3D Vector Graphics
  • Database and XML Integration
  • REVIUM - 3D Effects
  • Interactive Functions
  • Custom Sound Effects

Additional Development Info:

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