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The internet has evolved to where users expect greater personalization and customized content. This expectation coupled with the need to offer up to date and current data, has seen the rise in the use of databases in conjunction with a website.

Databases can be used to add many beneficial functions and services to a website, from a customized login section of the site, to ecommerce, to serving the most current data. In addition to delivering up to date content a database can also be utilized to ease the maintenance and organization of a large site.

G&H is proficient in developing websites that utilize a database, and has used many of the popular databases to develop dynamic sites.

Developing a database driven or dynamically generated website can be very beneficial to many businesses, but it is not needed in every case. Make sure you clearly think through what you want your website to offer before you agree to the hefty price tag of creating a database driven website. Database development is the most expensive part of web development, and if not done corretly, can cost more to fix. If you have any questions regarding scripting languages, or whether you should develop a database driven website feel free to contact us.

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G&H begins development of its new Multimedia Product Brochure.

It will be used as a marketing tool for customers, clients, vendors, and investment associates.

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